Tips On How to Handle an Interfering Mom on your Wedding

Some moms feel like they should be the ones playing a central role in planning a wedding for their children. An interfering mom on your wedding can make wedding planning a daunting task. As such, it is good to know ways to deal with such a mum to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly. Here are tips for dealing with an interfering mom on your wedding:

Let Her Do Tasks That May Be Important to Her

If you believe that your mom will interfere with your wedding planning, let her do some tasks she may like to do. You can decide the tasks to do after asking her to tell you the parts of the wedding she feels are very important to her. It can be choosing a cake flavor, choosing the bouquet, looking for a photographer or anything else that she may be passionate about.

However, don’t let her do these tasks the way she wants. Give her specific instructions and tell her about your expectations. This will keep her busy and she may not have time to interfere with your wedding plans. It also makes her feel like she has a role to play at your wedding and she will not feel like she has been left out. If your mom knows her roles, it may help prevent a power struggle when it comes to wedding planning.

Letting your mother choose your wedding photographer is not a good idea. Remember that the wedding photos are for you so you much like the style and feel of the photographer you choose.

Talk to Her

It is good to talk to your mom when you feel like she is interfering with your wedding. Be assertive and diplomatic when talking to her. Protect your wedding plans and let her know what you want. Remember that this is your wedding, not your mom’s and you are the one to decide what you want.

However, this does not mean that you should ignore every advice your mother gives you. Take her advice and filter it before making a decision. Let her know that you value her opinions but let her also know that you have the final say.

Let Her Know About Your Wedding Plans

Telling your mom about your wedding plans early enough will prevent misunderstandings later on. This is because your mom will know the number of guests, your budget and other important things. You may choose to incorporate some of her ideas into your plans as some of your mom’s ideas could be very meaningful. Keep in mind that your mom has more experience with weddings than you do.

However, if she wants to force you to accept all of her ideas, remind her politely that it is your wedding, not her wedding. You should also think of a good way to walk away from things you have no interest in having at your wedding to avoid arguing with your mom. One of the best ways is to thank her for sharing.

Family walking together in park

Sometimes, your mom may not understand why you want certain things included in your wedding plan. But when you spend some time talking to her and explaining why you need certain things during your wedding day, she could understand and support you. For instance, if your mom wants you to get married in a church but you would like to get married on the beach, you could explain to her why you would like to get married on the beach.

When it comes to wedding planning, it is good to deal with a meddling mom rather than keeping quiet and being frustrated about the meddling. Storing negative energy could negatively impact your wedding day and the days after your wedding. Let the tips mentioned in this article help you deal with your mom’s interference in the best way possible.

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Some Pros And Cons Of A DIY Wedding

A lot of brides are looking at DIY weddings as an alternative to high priced weddings. Crafting your own wedding from start to finish might seem like a great choice, there are some serious downsides to doing so. That being said, if you are someone that is very creative, it might be worth doing. Below, we will be going over some of the major pros and cons of considering having a DIY wedding.

Some Pros And Cons Of A DIY Wedding


1. Save Money.

One of the major benefits that come with a DIY wedding would have to be the ability to save money. This type of wedding is one of the best ways to save money because you will be able to forgo having to pay for decorations and all of the other expenses that a normal wedding would incur.

A DIY wedding is one of the best ways to have a frugal wedding without necessarily sacrificing your taste and the overall end result. This will enable you to put the money that you would have spent on your wedding décor into your honeymoon or some other areas of your wedding. If you are looking to have a wedding on a budget, it is an option that is worthwhile considering.

2. Show Off Your Creativity.

Another good thing about considering a DIY wedding is the ability to show off your creativity and personality. Because you will be able to handle the décor and everything involved with the wedding, you will really be able to make your special day all about you. By having a DIY wedding, you can really put your personality and creativity into the theme of your wedding and make your special day even more personal. It will not only allow you to show off your creativity and personality, but it will enable you to personalize your wedding to yourself, your partner, and your guests.

3. It Can Be Fun.

If you have the creative juices and the time, it might be something that is actually fun to do. If you are looking for ways to get even more involved in the wedding planning process, it can really be rewarding.


1. It Can Add Stress.

Planning your wedding is already stressful enough as it is. If you are someone that is not looking to add stress to your life, this is likely a situation you want to avoid. Handling the décor for your wedding is only going to contribute more stress to the entire situation and you might end up putting too much on your to-do list as a result.

2. It’s Time Consuming.

Not everyone is going to have the requisite time needed to handle the entire wedding planning process on their own. This is why wedding planners exist. This is also why a lot of people simplybuy décor and pre-made themes for their wedding. If you simply do not have the time that it requires to DIY your wedding, you will want to look elsewhere. There is so much to handle with the planning of your wedding that you might be better off avoiding a DIY situation altogether.

Overall, there is a lot to consider when it comes to having a DIY wedding. The fact is, a DIY wedding is something worthy of considering if you have the necessary free time that it requires. It is also something to consider if you are looking to have your wedding on a budget. That being said, the downsides to having a DIY wedding might outweigh the benefits depending on your situation. Therefore, you want to consider both when making your ultimate decision.

The Ways To Recycle Wedding Items

Whether you want to save some money or reduce waste, recycling and reusing wedding items is something you should consider. The problem is that most people do not know how to recycle their wedding items. If you are in this situation, there are a few methods you can try.

Recycling Your Wedding Dress

The idea of recycling your wedding dress can be strange for some people, but other people have no problem with this. If you do not want to part with your dress, you need to store it correctly. However, if you are open to recycling your dress, there are a few options available.

The first is to donate your dress. There are many charities who sell on wedding dresses or you could donate it to a bride in need. If you know someone who is good at sewing, you could transform your wedding dress into a children’s gown or baptism gown, if you are religious.

Recycling Flowers

The floral arrangements from your wedding can be seen as wasted because they do not last very long. One of the best ways to recycle them is to give them to your guests as keepsakes from the day. You could also look at donating them to local nursing homes or hospitals to help brighten them.

While you plan your wedding, you should also talk to your florist about any arrangements they might have for floral donations. Some florists have agreements with local businesses that take flowers from weddings.

Recycling Your Invitations

While you have little control over what people do with invitations once they get them, you can still make them easier to recycle. Most people will put the invitation into their paper recycling once they have responded. To change this cycle, you can look at wedding invitations that you can plant.

These invitations are printed on seed paper which grows herbs or wildflowers depending on what you choose. All your recipients need to do is put the invitation in some soil and they will soon have plants. Not only does this take care of recycling, but it is also good for the environment.

Recycling The Food

Food waste is something that everyone should avoid because there are a lot of people who are going hungry. One of the ways to avoid food waste is to tell your guests that they can take what is left over. If this is something you want to avoid, there is another way to recycle the food.

When you plan everything with your caterers, you should make arrangements to have the left-over food boxed up. This is something that many venues will also be open to. The leftovers can then be taken to a local food shelter so they can feed people who are in need. You should contact the local shelter to know that you will be doing this.

Recycling The Décor

Décor and wedding favors are often left at the end of the wedding and you need to find something to do with them. One of the ways to avoid this waste is to not have any wedding favors. Of course, this is not something many couples are comfortable with.

If you are going to have favors and décor, you need to collect it at the end of the night. You can then donate it, re-purpose items or give them away through online marketplaces.

Recycling your wedding items is not as hard as you might imagine. It is possible to donate most items from your wedding dress to the décor. The perishable items such as food and flowers can be donated to charities and businesses that help others.

The Top 8 Tips To A Happy Marriage – Useful Advice For Couples

There is no such thing as a perfect marriage. Regardless of what it looks like for a third party, every couple goes through certain challenges. You should also know that not every relationship is going to work out. In fact, some relationships can even be damaging or destructive.

But even though perfect marriages only exist in fairytales, it doesn’t mean you can’t be incredibly happy in your relationship. And to help you, here are the top tips for a happy marriage.

1. Choose To Put Effort Into The Marriage

Both you and your partner need to make the conscious decision to put effort into the marriage, right from the start. Yes, a happy relationship is going to require effort from you and your partner. If only one party is making an investment, it is not going to be a happy marriage at all.

2. Always Try To Communicate With Respect

You will always hear how important communication is for a healthy relationship.

But the manner in which you communicate also has a big influence. More specifically, you want to maintain a great level of respect for your partner. Even if you are angry and arguing about something. Remind yourself that you are talking to the most important in your life. And they deserve to be spoken to with respect, understanding, and love.

3. Learn To Empathize

It is natural to get caught up in your own worries and struggles. And it is natural to expect your partner to at least listen when you need to vent. But marriage is and has always been a two-way street. So, when you have expectations from your partner, you should be able to live up to the same expectations. In other words, you have to be willing to listen and empathize too.

4. Balance Time Spent Together

Yes, it is very important to grow as a couple by doing things together. However, this does not mean you have to spend every second of the day in each other’s company. On the contrary, getting some time for your own thoughts is a healthy exercise. And you should let your partner have his or her personal space if they need it.

5. Address Small Issues Immediately

Couples tend to hold back when it comes to small issues, especially newlyweds. Instead of talking about the things that bother them, they keep it to themselves. Of course, this is not healthy on any level. And the more you build up, the bigger the fight will eventually be. Hence the reason for talking about issues as soon as the moment allows. It can be sorted out quickly without anybody losing their temper due to a lot of silent brooding.

6. Remember To Be Grateful

Couples that have been together for a while tend to neglect the relationship. More specifically, you assume your partner will just be there every day, as they have been for the last several years. And once you move into this type of thinking, you stop to show your partner how much they mean to you. This is not what you want, which is why you should remember to show how grateful you are for your partner.

7. Keep Things Spicy In The Bedroom

There is no question that if you are happy in the bedroom, there is a better chance of remaining happy with your partner forever.

8. Provide Necessary Support

As a final tip, try to be there for your partner on an emotional level as well. The beautiful thing about being in a marriage is knowing you have someone who will go to the ends of the earth for you. Will you do the same?